About Special Needs Family Fun Day

The Lee Family

Why my husband and I chose to organize a day of fun and activities for our disabled community members:

We are the full time caregivers for our son Christopher, aged forty-eight, who was born with Cerebral Palsy. Almost every time we go out into the community, we have to deal with the frustration of requiring special needs in a "normal" world. Individuals with special needs face a range of frustrations, whether it's being uncomfortably stared at in public, or having to ask for special accommodations at a restaurant. All of these limitations make it very difficult or impossible for those with special needs to enjoy the fun activities that are prominent on our Grand Strand.

Rather than succumb to these frustrations we decided to dedicate our time and energy to give those with special needs and their families a chance to spend time together in a setting that allows the special needs individual to feel normal. All of the fun activities are geared toward the special needs individual, so that they can just be themselves and enjoy a day dedicated solely to them.

Elaine Lee